Breakthrough for unmanned systems in Norway


Nordic Unmanned is awarded a two years contract for emergency response and monitoring of the Norwegian railroad system. Total 3000 km.

Published on November 14, 2016

Picture from JBV.

Nordic Unmanned is awarded a two years contract for emergency response and monitoring of the Norwegian railroad system. This makes Jernbaneverket (the Norwegian National Rail Administration) a truly global pioneer in the use of unmanned systems.

Jernbaneverket awarded four out of six contracts to Nordic Unmanned. Final signing of the contract is pending negotiations between Jernbaneverket and Nordic Unmanned.

- This is an industrial breakthrough in the use of unmanned systems to monitor critical infrastructure. This allows Jernbaneverket to use live feed of critical information from any site, says Knut Roar Wiig, CEO of Nordic Unmanned.

Drones for monitoring Norwegian railroads is pioneering both in technology, volume, and scale. Norway has a modern legal framework adapted to the use of unmanned systems. This enables an innovative player like Nordic Unmanned to present ground-breaking technologies and systems for governments and industry.

- We are committed to making the latest in unmanned aerial systems and sensor technology accessible and valuable to our customers. Our primary focus as a company will always be safety and quality in everything we do. Our systems will create significant value with cost cut, reduce or eliminate human risks completely. Drones from Nordic Unmanned will make sure that Jernbaneverket will be able to perform operations that were not possible without our technology and expertise, states Wiig. 

Nordic Unmanned will be on a 24-7 call for Jernbaneverket in the case of any emergencies or issues related to the operations of the Norwegian system of railroads.

- The operations center of Jernbaneverket will have a live feed of critical information in critical situations. The drones from Nordic Unmanned will provide live pictures, weather, and data from other sensors. Deeper understanding of the current situation will help the management to make even more qualified decisions, states Wiig.

In addition to the emergency response, Jernbaneverket will use drones for monitoring of developing issues and inspection of critical infrastructure.

- The services provided to Jernbaneverket will reduce the risk in relation to inspections. Drones will replace helicopters and the use of inspectors on the ground will be minimized.

The unmanned aerial systems and many robotic systems have been more or less a military industry until recently. The cost of the equipment has been very high and the requirements to operate it has been complex and difficult. The technology has reached a level of maturity that enables wider commercial use, making it relevant for a lot of different target groups and industries.

Nordic Unmanned cooperates with the world's leading technology developers and manufacturers in unmanned systems on land, in the air and under water. The company tailor solutions based on clients needs for data, sensors or camera.

The systems introduced to the marked by Nordic Unmanned is cutting-edge proven technology. The systems have been tested in the most extreme environments on the planet. Unmanned systems are the future solution to reduce risk and cost while it can provide data from inaccessible areas.

Sandnes, Norway, November 14th, 2016.