Unmanned systems enables smarter cities

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Nordic Unmanned will be present at Nordic Edge Expo 2016. Innovation Director Grethe Skundberg is also one of the speakers at the conference

Published on September 01, 2016

The Unmanned Aerial Systems and most robotic systems have been more or less a military industry until recently. The cost of the equipment has been very high and the requirements to operate it has been complex and difficult. Now this is changing.

The unmanned technology has reached a level of maturity that enables wider commercial use, making it relevant for a lot of different target groups and industries. Norwegian company Nordic Unmanned cooperates with the world’s leading technology developers and manufacturers in unmanned systems on land, in air and under water, to tailor solutions based on the customer’s needs for data, sensors or camera.

– The systems we introduce to the marked are cutting-edge proven technology that has been tested in the most extreme environments on the planet. Unmanned systems is the future solution to reduce risk and cost while it can provide data from inaccessible areas, says Grethe Skundberg, who is Innovation Director & Partner at Nordic Unmanned.

Nordic Unmanned’s goal is always to reduce or eliminate risks, save costs, and increase capabilities for their clients. Their services include inspection on and offshore, search and rescue, marine, mapping, security humanitarian and governmental.

– Our solution covers gaps and ensures best possible information management. We advise strong focus on data- and information management combined with data acquisition and by that increase awareness level of situations, documentation and allow best decision making situation, says Skundberg.

Skundberg goes on to explain that the typical buyers of such services are private and governmental customers within the maritime, governmental and energy sector – both national and international. Smart Cities and companies working towards a smarter future are quickly becoming a more important part of this picture. In a Smart City aspect Nordic Unmanned offers services such as mapping and analyzing before cities are built, as well as during constructions and within existing cities that wishes to become smarter.

– To be a smart city, sensor information is from our point of view crucial. Unmanned sensors and unmanned systems as platforms are a part of every Smart City, from planning to maintenance. We need accurate information and when developed with AI, to be able to take the correct decisions. The more accurate and cost efficient data we can get from the sensors, the more relevant Nordic Unmanned will be for the smart city, and the Internet of Things.

Nordic Unmanned will be present at Nordic Edge Expo. Grethe Skundberg is also one of the speakers at the conference. Check out the full program here.

This text is from Nordic edge's news page.