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Knut Roar Wiig

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Knut Roar is one of the founders of Nordic Unmanned and is still the largest shareholder of the company.

Before funding Nordic Unmanned, he was in the European wine & spirit industry where he was funding several companies and later co-funding SPV companies in the housing property development industry.

In other words, Knut Roar is an impatient and daring entreprenur that always sees possibilities.

Lars a Landsnes, nordicunmanned, nordic unmanned

Lars A. Landsnes

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

Lars joined Nordic Unmanned as COO and Accountable Manager from Wideroe Airline, where he held the function as Vice President Continuous Improvement.

Lars has for the last 25 years held various senior international leadership positions in the manned aviation and aerospace industry.

Building new businesses and business lines, and experience from change management both from large organisations and startups, makes Lars an important resource for Nordic Unmanned.

In addition, Lars holds a Master of Science in Business Administration.

Stein Engen, nordicunmanned, nordic unmanned

Stein Engen

Chief Commercial Officer (CCO)

Stein Engen joined Nordic Unmanned in 2018 from FLIR systems.

He is an experienced Commercial Director with a demonstrated history of working in the aviation and aerospace industry.

Some of his additional skills include crisis management, emergency management, intelligence, military affairs, and operational planning.

Furthermore, he is a strong business development professional with his Master of Business Administration (MBA) specialised in Business Administration from NKS/Heriot-Watt University/ Edinburgh Business School.

Pål Kristensen Profil

Pål Kristensen

Vice President, Logistics & Robotization

Pål is one of the co-founders of Nordic Unmanned. He hold a B.Sc in Petroleum Logistics and have been working as a consultant within operational offshore logistics and emergency preparedness for more than 15 years. His last position in the Oil and Gas industry was Material and Logistics Manager for Spirit Energy.

He has held several roles in Nordic Unmanned since the start up and is currently Vice President, Logistics and Robotization where he is eager to drive efficiency and optimization by implementing unmanned systems together with Nordic Unmanned’s clients.


Ole-Andreas Fagertun

Chief Development Officer

Ole-Andreas Fagertun joined Nordic Unmanned with the acquisition of the Staaker Company in 2019.

He started as Director of Product Design and led the design and mechanical development behind what would become the world's leading auto-tracking action sports drone at the time; The Staaker 1.

Before his time in the Staaker Company, Ole-Andreas acquired years of experience in industrial design and in leading development projects in companies like Bergans and Adax.

At the moment, Ole-Andreas leads the R&D department of Nordic Unmanned, but still gets to design and develop products, which is his passion.


Jon Christian Harestad

Market Coordinator

Jon Christian has a bachelor degree in marketing from BI Norwegian Business School in Stavanger and ESADE Business School in Barcelona,Spain.

He worked as a project coordinator in his time at BI and therefore has experience in event planning and execution.

Some of his responsibilities include: branding, social media, web-page development and general stategic marketing.


Alexander Hatlestad

Vice President, Green Solutions

Alexander has a technical background as a system mechanic on the F-16 fighters of the Royal Norwegian Airforce and Bell 412 helicopters.

He has worked 11 years in the Norwegian Oil and Gas industry as a field specialist. After that, Alexander has been working in the Norwegian drone industry for the last 6 years, in various roles from operations to business development. Alexander is also a certified PPL-A and UAV pilot.


José Luis Gil Yepes, PhD

Vice President, Digitalization

José Luis Gil joined Nordic Unmanned on September 2019 as our Digitalization Manager.

He has a master’s degree in Geodesy and Cartography in addition to a PhD in Geomatics and Machine Learning.

José Luis is specialised in LiDAR, remote sensing data processing and data acquisition systems.

Bruno 2

Bruno Boucher

Senior Vice President, Airworthiness & Certifications

Bruno Boucher joined Nordic Unmanned in 2019 after 12 years of experience at large German airline subsidiaries having delivered many airport, airline and civil aviation projects around the world.

His main responsibilities consists of working with Civil Aviation and other authorities to secure the permits to fly for our operations in various countries for our platforms.

Born in Canada, now German citizen, he brings a vast experience in shaping and delivering large complex projects that involve technical, commercial, legal and operational dimensions.


Erlend Trane

Head of Maintenance

Erlend is leading the Nordic Unmanned MRO organization, a team of experienced technicians from Aviation Maintenance. He joined Nordic Unmanned in 2019 from the Aviation MRO industry.

He has experience from MRO Operations Management, and has had roles such as Director of Maintenance (EASA Part 145 Maintenance Manager), Supply Chain Director and various other leadership roles at several large organizations in the Aviation/Helicopter MRO industry.

In addition, Erlend is skilled in MRO Operations Management, Asset Management, International Sales, Business Development, Contract Negotiations with suppliers and customers as well as Strategic Sourcing.


Jonas Støre

Product Line Manager - Defence & Security

Jonas has an extensive military background serving as a Navy EOD officer.

After working several years for FLIR Systems, Jonas joined Nordic Unmanned in 2019.  Jonas is a certified UAV operator as well as a Commercial helicopter pilot.

With experience spanning from improvised explosives, crisis management, intelligence, aviation and aerospace industry Jonas is a good fit for serving our Defence & Security customer segment.





Ole Benjamin Wike

Quality Manager

Ole Benjamin is the head of the Topometrics business unit, and joined Nordic Unmanned in 2017 after 6 years in the aviation industry and 6 years in the Oil & Gas industry.

Furthermore he has a technical background as an aircraft engine mechanic and ROV pilot technician and has experience in leadership positions.

Since joining Nordic Unmanned he has specialised in remote sensing using drones and the processing of such data, resulting in the development of the Topometrics business unit.

In addition, Ole Benjamin is a certified RPAS operator and has skills in Crisis Management, Negotiation, Business Development, Continuous Improvement, LiDAR Acquisition and Data Processing.



Heidi Gåskjenn

Vice President, Operations

Heidi Gåskjenn joined Nordic Unmanned in January 2019. Leading up to 2019, she had seven years of experience as a helicopter pilot, mainly for transportation of personnel offshore in the UK sector.

In addition, Heidi has also worked as data analyst and desk controller, and has recently completed a bachelor’s degree in business and administration at BI Business School

Heidi is a pilot on the Skeldar V-200, one the heaviest UAS in the Nordic Unmanned portfolio. She is a skilled and resourceful person who is not afraid of hard work and new opportunities.

She combines her long experience in conventional aviation with an expertise in unmanned systems to excel in her role as Head of Operations and pilot at Nordic Unmanned.


Thomas André Olsen

Product Line Manager - Staaker Drones

Thomas André Olsen is our most experienced drone pilot. After many years in the industry he helps our customers with getting the right system, manage challenging integrations and special ops piloting.

He is one of the few from Norway to have flown explosives in operations, and combined with his passion in RC flying, he has a steady hand for every situation.  At Nordic Unmanned, he has developed our famous BG200 all-weather drone.

Thomas is also a certified UAV pilot and a very skilled skier.