Drone for Subsurface Inspection

Together with our partners in 3D-Radar, we have created a brand new drone, specially made for surbsurface inspection. This marks the very first successful drone flight conducted with a multichannel GPR system.

Successful demonstration of Ground Penetrating Radar drone

Nordic Unmanned and 3D-Radar has on the 19th of April successfully demonstrated their drone for subsurface mapping. The technology combines the robustness of the Staaker BG300 as a chosen platform, with the cutting-edge technology from 3D-Radar. The solution demonstrated is capable of detecting landmines and any other objects under the ground surface through ground penetrating radar (GPR) technology.

The project is made possible through Norwegian cooperation, and the financial support of Innovasjon Norge. This marks the first successful drone flight conducted with a multichannel GPR system.

Perfect for challenging terrain

The 3D-Radar drone is perfect for surveys of the subsurface in areas with restricted access or challenging terrain and is now available for purchase. We recommend all interested parties to reach out to get more information as to how this product can cover your needs for mapping of infrastructure or the subsurface.

We are impressed by Nordic Unmanneds agile and pragmatic execution of this project, and the professional cooperation. The Staaker BG300 platform is ideal for integration with our advanced GPR system. This product opens up entirely new possibilities for subsurface mapping, like humanitarian clearing of landmines and mapping of large inaccessible areas, and marks the beginning of a new journey for 3D-Radar.

Erik Meum, General Manager 3D-Radar AS

We tailor solutions for your business

Nordic Unmanned tailor makes solution for our customers. In this instance, we have worked closely with 3D-Radar to develop this highly advanced and efficient product and look forward to lifting the 3D-Radar drone into the commercial market. If your business is looking for a tailor-made drone solution, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

The first flight

Our team put together a small video covering the demonstration flight.

Have a look at the successful demonstration here!