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Staaker BG300

The Staaker BG300 represents great versatility and lifting power, making it perfect for tailor-made scanning, railway, military, and clearance services.

Made in Norway, rugged against rough climates

The Staaker line is manufactured in-house at our workshop
in Sandnes. Created in Norway, our products are manufactured to perform in rough weather conditions.

Having expertise with manufacturing drones to end-user with demanding criteria’s, the Staaker BG300 is created to offer an additional value to our clients.

Great lifting capacity

The BG-300 offers the greatest lifting capacity and longest range of the Staaker line yet. With a maximum payload capacity of 24kg with a maximum empty weight of 16,35 kg, the Staaker BG300 gives the user the opportunity to lift more, with a greater range. Making the Staaker BG300 optimal for 3D radar scanning, railway, military, and clearance services.

The drone has an endurance of up to 60 minutes without payload, with flight time (hover) of 25 minutes, with a 25 kg take-off weight.

Innovative solutions

The Staaker Railway Drone utilized the extreme versatility shown by the Staaker BG300 to create a ground breaking, innovative solution for the railway industry. With it’s ability to fly like a drone and drive like a train, the Railway Drone can conduct inspections and maintenance of the railway.

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