Green Solutions

Nordic Unmanned provides extended situational awareness with tailored drone solutions that collects, integrates and make data understandable for the end-user and their critical usage scenarios.

Sulphur sniffing

Effective - Measure sulphur emissions from more vessels in less amount of time
Proactive - By enforcing the regulations with airborne sensors it will be less tempting for vessels to use high sulphur fuels
Focus - We enable our customers to focus their resources where they are most needed; on the vessels that are not compliant
Understanding - Improved understanding and awareness of where and when vessels do not comply


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Oilspill monitoring

An oilspill is never expected and it will require immediate action. Hence, it is very often an emergency situation. During an oilspill incident one of the most important aspects is to gain overview and provide situational awareness to the stakeholders involved in the emergency response team. By using UAVs in the oilspill recovery operation you will get an aerial overview of the affected area and this enables you to utilize your resources where they are most needed.


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