Logistics & Robotization

Using drones for complex logistics requirements such as onshore to offshore, ship to shore, ship to ship logistics gives many advantages. The operation is safe, can be automated and traditionally requires less resources than traditional logistics. The solutions utilizes the latest in unmanned technology and has significant lower carbon footprints than its counterparts.


Drones can execute potential dangerous operations which is traditionally done by people,


Automated drone logisitcs requires less resources than it's traditional counterparts.


Unmanned technology has a signficantly lower carbon footprint than it's manned alternatives.

When should you contact us?

Contact us if you are looking to optimize your logistics with a safe, reliable service with low carbon footprint.  We have solutions for onshore to offshore, ship to shore and ship to ship logistics solutions. If you are considering automating some of the manual or labor intensive task with robots, our design team has experience in developing custom solutions utilizing our drone platforms for the requirements at hand.

Examples of our services

BG200 and BG300 execute ship to shore, and ship to ship logistics. Our tailormade solutions increase your effectiveness. Replacing high cost helicopters for transportation with drone from onshore to offshore. Our unmanned helicopter solutions with sling load supports these requirements. We performed world's first full-scale drone delivery from shore to offshore together with Equinor and Schiebel, with the CAMCOPTER® S-100.

The BG200 and BG300 is our platform for aerial manipulation and robotization, and we have surveying and manipulation systems for the rail and utilities sector.



World's first drone logistics operation to an active offshore installation.

Arne Sigve Nylund, Executive Vice President, Development and Production, Equinor

"Think about the potential of drone technology to change the way we work, in terms of safety, production efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions! I look forward to following the development further!"

Pål Kristensen, Business Unit Manager, Nordic Unmanned

"This marks the beginning of a new chapter within unmanned logistics. The technology is proven and robust enough to implement in large scale, and reduces the risk cost and environmental footprint drastically."

Anders Opedal, Executive Vice President, Technology, Projects and Drilling, Equinor

"The world's first logistics operation with a drone to an offshore installation. New possibilities open up for safe and efficient operations"

Where can we fly?

Getting flight permissions across Europe is time-consuming. Therefore we are proud to have the ability to fly in so many countries. If you have any questions about flight permits in your country, do not hesitate to ask us!