Lockheed Martin Indago 3

The Lockheed Martin Procerus Technologies Indago possesses vertical takeoff and landing (VTOL) and small unmanned aerial system (UAS) which brings expeditionary intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) applications.

Ruggedized, Backpackable, and Rapidly Deployable

The Indago system weighs less than 10 lbs., fits within a small backpack, and deploys in approximately 2 minutes. With industry-leading endurance and high resolution payload options, and low acoustic signature, Indago provides tactical situational awareness and intelligence collection capabilities for military and government customers around the globe.

Quiet and Accurate

Combined with the aircraft’s whisper quiet acoustic signature, the high-resolution camera systems provide users with incredible zoom capability used to accurately identify people, objects, vehicles, and weapons.

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Versatile Payloads

The EO or daytime cameras include low light settings for twilight, nighttime, and cloudy days. The IR cameras providing thermal infrared capabilities for covert night time operations providing heat signatures in white hot, black hot, and heat map color displays for detailed analysis and situational awareness in the darkness.

Features and Specificatons - Lockheed Martin Indago 3

ION 30X Payload


  • 30x optical zoom for detailed target identification and ISR operations
  • Crisp 720P live video feed from large global shutter imager
  • Industry-leading 3-axis mechanical and electronic stabilization for rock solid imagery, even in the worst conditions
  • Vision processing provides feature tracking of objects, reducing operator workload
  • Real-time Geo-location and Geo-pointing capability


Video   -   720P global shutter
Optical Zoom   -   Level 30x (2° fully zoomed FOV)
Stabilization   -   3-axis mechanical and electronic
Weight   -   470 grams

Noctis IR

Noctis IR Features

  • Dual FLIR Boson IR cameras provide 640x512 video and still imagery streamed to Hand Controller and recorded onboard
  • Digital zoom from 32° to 2° FOV with seamless transition between cameras
  • Integrated laser pointer for high accuracy targeting
  • Vision processing provides feature tracking of objects, reducing operator workload
  • Real-time geo-location and geo-pointing capability


Image Capture   -   32° Wide HFOV Lens, 8° Narrow HFOV Lens
Video   -   IR: 640x512
Laser Pointer   -   1 50 mW low power, 650 mW high power
Stabilization   -   Roll/Pitch mechanical and electronic
Weight   -   570 grams

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