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Staaker BG200 / FX8

The Staaker BG200 all-weather system is an X8 multirotor with eight coaxial motors and a maximal take-off-weight (MTOW) of 25 kg. The system aims to provide robustness, versatility and reliability.

It is designed to operate from sub-arctic to semi-arid and tropic climate zones, adaptable to operations worldwide.

Staaker BG200 is capable of day and night operations, and has also been adapted to withstand rain, salinity, snow, sand, dust and wind.

Typical applications for Staaker BG200 drones are mapping, photogrammetry and LiDAR scanners. Staaker drones have a robust construction that can withstand everyday use. In addition, they have a long flight time and are very stable in wind

Staaker BG200 is folded in a custom transport case during transport. Its diagonal footprint is less than 140cm and weights maximum 25 kg. Two different autopilots, the Pixhawk or DJ A3 can be used with their respective hand controllers.

Staaker BG200 has an endurance of 60 minutes without payload, and 25 minutes with maximum payload weight. It’s range varies between 2 to 3,5 km depending on the autopilot.

The BG200 is also available in a less rugged version called the Staaker FX8. The FX8 sacrifices the BG200’s weather resistance in favour of less weight, which opens opportunities for larger payloads or longer flight times.