Staaker BG200 / FX8

In Nordic climates, adaptability, versatility, and robustness are king. With the Staaker BG200, you can be certain it carries out whatever mission you set it on. We designed and built the system for unmatched strength and toughness, with an eight-motor configuration that can survive multiple rotor failures.

Due to its 25 kg maximum take-off-weight, the BG200 can carry practically any payload the mission requires. From cameras, floodlights, LiDAR scanners, and gas sensors to explosives—if you need it in the air, the BG200 can bring it there.

In particular, the system’s weather resistance means a rain shower doesn’t bring it to the ground. Nor, for that matter, will snow, sand, dust, or salt. Meanwhile, the eight motors keep the BG200 incredibly stable even in high wind speeds.

Our Staaker BG200 drones typically find use in mapping, photogrammetry and LiDAR scanning. If you have more specific needs, the BG200 can usually accommodate them.

Thanks to its foldable arms, the BG200 fits snugly in a custom transport case with room for spare parts and potential payloads. We also offer an advanced case for streamlined charging of its powerful batteries.

For GCS, we have several options depending on use case. We offer larger control stations with advanced software for mission planning and post-operation processing, as well as small hand-held units.

Finally, we also offer a light-weight version of the BG200 named FX8. The Staaker FX8 sacrifices some of the BG200’s weather resistance for less weight, which opens up opportunities for larger payloads or longer flight times.

Contact us today for detailed specs and to discuss how the BG200 fits your operations.