How Drones Can Be Used in Procurement Processes

Area of business: Digitalization


Drone / Sensor / Payload: Inspire 2 with X5S payload


Results: One short video and a long video. The short video gave a quicker overview of the terminal, and the different container lifts. The long video showed the terminal and lifts in greater detail.


About the project: Drone inspection of the area connected to the container cranes at the Alnabru terminal. BaneNor announced a competition for the purchase of new container cranes for Alnabru before the summer. In fact, there should have been a tender inspection where suppliers could see the place where the cranes were to be installed, but due to the corona situation, video was deemed the natural option.


"The people from Nordic Unmanned were nice and easy to cooperate with, and all the planned meetings and activities happened according to plan. They were able to meet our demand concerning what areas to film, and which activities we wanted to focus on. This was just what we needed to be able to go on with the procurement process, despite of the corona situation. We gladly recommend Nordic Unmanned to other potential customers."

Kristin Ljønes, Project Leader for "Alnabru Container Cranes",  Bane NOR

Comments from Nordic Unmanned: "Post Covid-19, drones will become a powerful marketing tool. It is not always easy to get a good impression of the subject in person. Through video footage, the possible buyers got a better view of the cranes. In addition they have the possibility to pause and rewind the film as much as they pleased. The footage also gives the opportunity for future marketing campaigns, making drone footage a smart investment."

Jon Christian Harestad, Market Coordinator,  Nordic Unmanned

About BaneNor: Bane NOR SF is responsible for the management of the national railway network, on behalf of the Ministry of Transport and Communication. Bane NOR is also responsible for the freight railway terminals – when it comes to maintenance, security and long term investments like cranes.

A short snippet from the video can be viewed here