Orthophotos Makes for Better Planning of Construction Sites

Area of business: Digitalization


Drone / Sensor / Payload: Intel Falcon 8+, High resolution photogrammetry payload


Results: High resolution orthophoto, data captured in a single flight of about 8 minutes. Data was processed and delivered to the client.


About the project: A real estate project where the client is Paradis Boligutvikling 1 AS and Kruse Smith Entreprenør AS are the general contractor. They are building 7 blocks/large houses with a total of 133 apartments, including a large underground parking garage. Orthophoto was wanted to get an overview of the construction site.


"We are very impressed by the result of the orthophoto. We can now get a birds eye view over the complete construction site in high resolution which can be really helpful in rig planning and communication.

The cooperation with Nordic Unmanned has been great. They are flexible, professional and delivers on time with high quality!"

Amund Nygård Olsen, Project Leader,  Kruse Smith

Comments from Nordic Unmanned: "During construction work it is interesting for constructions companies to update their site with fresh orthophotos."

Alexander Hatlestad, Nordic Unmanned

Left picture: Preview of acquired data minutes after collection. Green indicates where one has true orthophoto coverage. In this particular use case that the contractor wanted to update the general plan during the contruction phase.

Right picture: Finished ortophoto

finished KruseSmith