World’s First Drone Cargo Delivery to an Offshore Installation

Video from Equinor's YouTube channel from the historical flight

Area of business: Logistics & Robotization


Drone / Sensor / Payload: CAMCOPTER® S-100 /  MX-10 sensor.


About the project: Advanced longrange BLOS flight to supply a 3D-printed component to Troll A. The flight range was 100 km (55nm) each way and was carried out from Mongstad, Bergen. Additionally, there was conducted a close cisual inspection of Troll A outside the 500 meter zone, and a search and rescue operation.


Results: A successful cargo drone delivery of a critical 3D printed component from Mongstad, to Troll A. Close visual inspection and SAR operation were also successful. The flight was a demo to test feasibility.


"If we are to develop tomorrow's logistics solutions on the Norwegian shelf, where drones can play an important role, we must cooperate across industry players; the operating companies, the suppliers, the authorities, and the association and protection axes, says Pedersen."

Alena Korbovà Pedersen, Logistic Development Manager, Equinor

Comments from Nordic Unmanned: "The operation that we have conducted today is an excellent example of how we in Nordic Unmanned work together with a demanding client to implement the latest in unmanned technology. This marks the beginning of a new chapter within unmanned logistics. The technology is proven and robust enough to implement in large scale, and reduces the risk cost and environmental footprint drastically.

Pål Kristensen, Business Unit Manager, Logistics & Robotization, Nordic Unmanned

About Equinor: "We’re Equinor, a broad energy company with a proud history. We are 21,000 colleagues committed to developing oil, gas, wind and solar energy in more than 30 countries worldwide. We’re the largest operator in Norway, a leading international offshore operator, and a growing force in renewables. Driven by our dedication to safety, equality and sustainability, we’re shaping the future of energy."

About Nordic Unmanned

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