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In the infrastructure space, Nordic Unmanned has offered drones, sensors, software and training for several years to utilities, telecoms, mapping authorities and rail infrastructure companies. The Staaker product team is also developing advanced proprietary solutions for the rail industry, that is expected to provide significant cost advantages to labor and capital intensive maintenance and planning activities.

Rail maintenance and inspection

Infrastructure inspection


Total supplier of drone services

Nordic Unmanned is a total supplier of drones, sensors, software, services, and training. We have contributed to providing an autonomous inspection solution for Energy companies, developed innovative concept for the railway industry, mapping solutions for road and mapping authorities and more. Currently, we have active frame agreements within the telecom and railway industry in Europe.

We provide support in the form of data capture through operations, processing of completed data and data visualization platforms. We are experienced in remote sensing technology, such as LiDAR mapping, photogrammetry, multispectral scanning, hyperspectral inspection, thermal mapping and inspection.

We use several drones with high lifting capacity and long flight time to perform data capture and post-processing services. Our fleet consists of self-developed drones, and systems from our partners. We manufacture our own Staaker BG200, normally used for mapping and inspection, and Staaker BG300 Railway Drone, which efficiently acquires data whilst driving and flying over the railway infrastructure.

We are also official re-sellers and distributors of Phoenix LiDAR sensors and market-leading software from TerraSolid, Novatel and Agisoft. This gives us full breadth in the field with deep insight into the industry, which means that we can offer tailor-made solutions to customers whether they need services or their own system.

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