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Urgency, convenience, same day delivery and environmental footprint are key drivers within the drone logistics market. The Logistics segment is actively exploring drone solutions with transportation players that can leverage unmanned technology to provide time- and cost-effective solutions that reduce risk and the carbon footprint.

Innovative logistical solutions

Oil and Gas companies are under pressure to reduce carbon emission in it's day-to-day operations. In this context, unmanned solutions are ideal to replace a significant part of helicopter and seaborn vessel activity between shore and offshore installations - even on long-distance - over the mediumterm. Leveraging on tens of thousands of hours of safe operations of advanced and robust drone systems, Nordic Unmanned aims to take on a global position in this market.

Where can we fly?

Getting flight permissions across Europe is time-consuming. Therefore we are proud to have the ability to fly in every EASA countries without going through the usual 3 months approval period. If you have any questions about flight permits in your country, do not hesitate to ask us!

Short-range suburban deliveries

Offshore logistics

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