Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness and response is a vital part of our business, and we believe that several governmental bodies and large industrial clients will over the next few years require this service, both with small and large UAVs with long range and endurance. We are currently the only Norwegian company with an emergency preparedness UAV service covering both Norway and the European coastline.

Nordic Unmanned delivers 24/7 emergency preparedness services on two different contracts. We cover 4 out of 6 regions in Norway for BaneNOR, and we have drones deployed for oil spill emergencies in 5 different countries within the EU. Both contracts require personnel and equipment to be on site in less than 24 hours.

An emergency response mobilization of UAV can for example happen in the case of:

  • Monitoring and mapping after landslides, avalanches and flooding
  • Monitoring and mapping during wildfire
  • Monitoring and mapping after or during oilspills and oilspill recovery
  • Provision of airborne communication relays (4G)

If you are representing a governmental body or industrial client with critical infrastructure, we encourage you to contact us to discuss potential emergency preparedness solutions tailored to your needs.