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Research & Development

We enjoy working with cutting edge technology to help customers transform their ideas and visions into conceptual models and working prototypes

Helping you face new challenges in new ways

In our rapidly evolving industry, the solution you envision might not exist yet. Our experienced and diverse teams can bring your unique ideas all the way from concept to production, or provide consulting services for any step of the journey.

Deep and varied experience

Apart from developing the Staaker BG100, BG200 and BG300, our teams have worked on several unique projects. The BG200 system serve as excellent test platforms for many of these, as their high payload capacity eases design restrictions in the early design stages.

  • Hydrogen fuel cell integration for the BG200
  • Custom payload development for Lockheed Martin Indago UAS
  • Payload development for FX8
  • Integration for small and lightweight emission sniffer
  • Unmanned railway maintenance solutions
  • Outfitting the FX8 for automated inspection of a Statnett transformer station
  • Integration of Radionor phased array communication system

Custom BG-Series UAS

If your idea does not need to be developed from the ground up, we offer extensive customisation of our BG-Series UAS.

The BG200 is already a robust and versatile system, capable of carrying a multitude of payloads in varied operations all over the world. If your needs are more specific, our engineers and technicians stand ready to customise the system to your exact requirements.

Thanks to our flexible production methods and design capacity, we can provide particularly deep modification of the system. From structural changes and incorporating new avionic equipment to software overhauls—whatever you need to overcome new challenges, we’re on board.

All our proprietary products, including the upcoming BG100, sport this level of customisability.

Expertise in unmanned systems

Our teams cover every aspect of unmanned systems design and development:

  • Industrial design
    • Our engineers can ensure that your system is both structurally and mechanically reliable, as well as designed for efficient production. With DOGA-award-winning designers, you can be sure the solution is also user-friendly and pleasing to the eye.
  • Software
    • Our software developers specialise in autopilots and autonomous systems. Their capabilities also extend to specialised task programming, control stations and data links.
  • Electrical
    • Balancing and interfacing all the components necessary for an unmanned system is no trivial task. Fortunately, our team has considerable experience in designing, building, and maintaining all manner of systems.

Bringing your ideas to life

We have access to high quality 3D-printing services and rapid, low-volume manufacturing through trustworthy contracts in the industry and our own well-equipped in-house workshop.

Our technicians are highly qualified with years of experience in manned aviation, and ensure that even the earliest prototypes are assembled with care.