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Above All – We Protect Values and Lives

Tailoring unique solutions

In this rapidly evolving industry, the solution you are looking for may still need to be developed. As one of the leading drone operators, you can trust that we will provide you with the best solution for your need. We are experts in Maritime, Defence & Security, Offshore Energy and Railway drone services.
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    The green wave has created a massive demand for unmanned systems and services, to capture and understand data in a new way. There are increasing regulations regarding emissions and increasing orders for drone solutions to assist in emergency situations.
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    Defense and Security

    The security sector is already a significant user of drone systems, where military and police special operations for years have been utilizing the technology. The need to make the Search and Rescue (SAR) services better for the same cost is ongoing, and unmanned systems brings significant value to security operations.
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    Offshore Logistics

    Oil and Gas companies are under pressure to reduce carbon emissions in their day-to-day operations. In this context, unmanned solutions are ideal for replacing a significant part of helicopter and seaborn vessel activity between shore and offshore installations - even on long-distance.
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