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We have delivered tailor made drone services in 13+ European countries. Nordic Unmanned operates in several areas where drones can deliver a superior solution at a lower cost to existing solutions. These areas include:


The green wave has created a huge demand after unmanned systems and services, that can capture and understand data in a new way. There are increasing regulations when it comes to emissions, and consenquently increasing demand for solutions to assist in emergency situations.


Unmanned Systems and associated technologies are changing rapidly, enabling Armed Forces and Public Service officials to augment or extend their operational capabilities, insights, and effectivity. Our Security business area supports both public and private security, defence, and cross-border institutions across the three key areas of Complex System Integration, UAV Service Operations, and Equipment Sales.


In the infrastructure space, Nordic Unmanned has offered drones, sensors, software and training for several years to utilities, telecoms, mapping authorities and rail infrastructure companies. The Staaker product team is also developing advanced proprietary solutions for the rail industry, that is expected to provide significant cost advantages to labor and capital intensive maintenance and planning activities.


Urgency, convenience, same day delivery and environmental footprint are key drivers within the drone logistics market. The Logistics segment is actively exploring drone solutions with transportation players that can leverage unmanned technology to provide time- and cost-effective solutions that reduce risk and the carbon footprint.


We offer drone related consulting services related to Concept of Operations (CONOPS) and Specific Operations Risk Assessment (SORA).


Nordic Unmanned supply software solutions for every step of the photogrammetry and LiDAR workflows. Flying, gathering, or processing—we have the tools you need.