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The Nordic Unmanned Group

We have grown in size over the years. Now the Nordic Unmanned Group houses 6 subsidiaries, and we are proud to present them down below.


Founded in 2005, AirRobot is a pioneer in the European drone industry. The company has been a long-standing supplier for the German armed forces (“Bundeswehr”) of both drone systems and Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (“MRO”) services since 2005.

During the past years, the company has invested heavily in next-generation drones and was in 2022 awarded a significant contract with the German Armed Forces. The company holds EN9100 certification as a drone developer and manufacturer and is fully certified to deliver to German and other NATO forces.



DroneMatrix is a leading hi-tech company building and implementing the next generation of aerial robotic technology. These automated intelligent drone solutions are safe, reliable and flexible to implement in any kind of industrial environment. DroneMatrix is the founding father of unmanned drone technology in Belgium and is responsible for the development of the commercial air layer operated by aerial robotics (6th NeTWorK). DroneMatrix is committed to making its mark in a growing global unmanned market through important references and solid partnerships. Nordic Unmanned currently holds a 55% share in DroneMatrix and has a right and obligation to acquire 100% within three years.



The mission of NUAer is to support the acceleration of the green transition in the maritime industry through world-leadership control of marine air pollution. NUAer is the result of the joint venture with the Finnish company, Aeromon, one of the global leaders in development of emission monitoring technology. The joint venture company will strengthen Nordic Unmanned’s emission monitoring service offering within the maritime and oil and gas industry globally. NUAer is located in Sandnes, Norway, at Nordic Unmanned HQ.


Nordic Unmanned UK

The UK office, at the Cranfield Innovation Centre, gives us a local base to serve our UK customers and the opportunity to work with other innovative small and medium sized enterprises that are developing new technologies to support the projected high growth of the unmanned aviation sector.

Nordic Unmanned DK ApS

Nordic Unmanned DK ApS provides access to important facilities for testing and training of pilots and gives us closer reach to mainland Europe and the customers of the company. The office in Odense provides access to a resourceful cluster.