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Defense and Security

Unmanned Systems and associated technologies are changing rapidly, enabling Armed Forces and Public Service officials to augment or extend their operational capabilities, insights, and effectivity. Our Defense & Security business area supports both public and private security, defence, and cross-border institutions across the three key areas of Complex System Integration, UAV Service Operations, and Equipment Sales. 

Experienced supplier to the security sector

We build on our experience as Europe’s leading UAV operator across the security, defence, and commercial sectors to assist and provide our customers with a range of options for UAV systems delivery of varying levels of complexity.

Complex Systems Integration and Delivery

We are experienced in system deliveries including training, servicing, MRO, and ongoing support for varying sizes and types of platforms. This integration support also includes the adoption of emerging or existing payload/sensor suites across optical, radar, and EW spectrums.

UAV Operator/Operations

As Europe’s leading UAV Operator, we have successfully delivered services employing company-owned and company operated (CoCo) platforms across fixed wing, rotary wing, and smaller quadcopter UAVs. Additionally, we partner with significant UAV OEMS for aircraft and sensor systems, including a wide range of sensor payloads to suit specific mission requirements.

Nordic Unmanned to Deliver Lockheed Martin Indago 3 UAV Including Life Cycle Support to the Norwegian Armed Forces

Nordic Unmanned’s AirRobot signs contract for 145 drone systems with German Armed Forces 

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