About us

Nordic Unmanned is a leading provider of drone solutions. We are taking the lead in the transition of drone activity from a hobby industry to unmanned aviation.

What do we do?

Nordic Unmanned deliver several types of industrial RPAS (Remotely Piloted Aircraft System) services, such as inspection, photogrammetry, 3D-modeling of terrain and constructions, film and photo, and thermographic imaging. This has granted us a diverse portfolio of customers within many different sectors. We deliver on promise and we are open minded towards new technologies.

Meet Our Team


We help you face new challenges in new ways

In this rapidly evolving industry, the solution you are looking for, may not exist yet. We pride ourselves in the ability to adapt to most scenarios, which enables us to assist our clients with solving their challenges. Our experienced and diverse team can help bring your unique ideas all the way from concept to production, or provide consulting services for any step of the journey.

We are open minded towards new technologies and we encourage ourselves to improve on our own. With highly trained technicians and engineers, we also provide extensive customisation to our own systems, to suit your specific needs.

Our operations gives us golden experience

We provide maritime operations in Europe through our framework agreement with EMSA. This includes emission monitoring with the Skeldar V-200, and lightweight RPAS support to operations from 10 OPR vessels in various EU countries with a 24/7 readiness.

We also have a framework agreement with Bane NOR, where we maintain a certain readiness of our services for emergent situations in the Norwegian rail network.

Our Topometrics team performs LiDAR-scanning and photogrammetry at a local level, and we also carry out small scale operations for photo and video productions.

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