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DroneMatrix Yacob

The DroneMatrix Yacob is a great solution to efficiently & automatically assist first responders, private security companies, digital ports, airports, smart cities, militaries and much more!

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Why choose the Yacob?

DroneMatrix is a Belgian drone technology company that focuses on the development and application of autonomous drone applications. The automatic drones developed by DroneMatrix are equipped with the most state-of-the-art artificial intelligence, directly on board, for live interpretation and evaluation of the images that make up the situation. Thanks to the automatic drone, which is part of a drone network and which can remotely depart independently out of a docking station and perform the flight himself, the customer can purchase the drone as a service.

A fully integrated autonomous drone system

  1. The YACOB installation – the flying part – the YACOB aerial robot;
  2. The base station the YADO – the launching, landing, and communication hub, which also protects the aerial robot;
  3. The operational software environment AR-WS (Aerial Robotic Work System) – Mission and Control centre – communicator for the customer and UTM, U-Space Service Providers – sensor data with regard to air, environment, ground risks and status data of the hardware as a whole
Download spec sheet