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Sensors & Payloads

Our versatile payloads and sensors allows us to execute our operations in the way the client desires. Learn about our different options below.

The AirRobot Heimdal

The Heimdal from AirRobot offers fused real-time video image in full HD which allows the user, to effortlessly enlighten people in the shade under trees or even in camouflage clothing. In addition, the system offers a temperature-based innovative search mode that clearly displays targets in the defined temperature range in the day vision image.

Quick specs


Day view 11,920 x 1,080 pixels
(1/3-type CMOS) thermal image | 640 x 512 pixels (12 μm) Super wide angle | 4K

Zoom (wide to tele)

Day view and thermal image – 10x in-air optical zoom and up to 80x digital zoom for stationary observation tasks.

Tracking modes

Human, vehicle, static object

Opening angle (wide to tele)

Day view – 58,2° – 6,9°


1.920 x 1.080 (Full HD) | 30 Hz

IR-laser modul

Thermal image 13 mm I 32.9 ° x 26.6 ° thermal image 19 mm | 22.9° x 18.4°
Super wide angle | 200° x 200°

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30x optical zoom for detailed target identification and ISR operations

Crisp 720P live video feed from large global shutter imager

Industry-leading 3-axis mechanical and electronic stabilization for rock solid imagery, even in the worst conditions

Vision processing provides feature tracking of objects, reducing operator workload


Video – 720P global shutter

Optical Zoom – Level 30x (2° fully zoomed FOV)

Stabilization – 3-axis mechanical and electronic

Weight – 470 grams

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Noctis IR


Dual FLIR Boson IR cameras provide 640×512 video and still imagery streamed to Hand Controller and recorded onboard

Digital zoom from 32° to 2° FOV with seamless transition between cameras

Integrated laser pointer for high accuracy targeting

Vision processing provides feature tracking of objects, reducing operator workload

Real-time geo-location and geo-pointing capability


Image Capture – 32° Wide HFOV Lens, 8° Narrow HFOV Lens

Video – IR: 640×512

Laser Pointer – 1 50 mW low power, 650 mW high power

Stabilization – Roll/Pitch mechanical and electronic

Weight – 570 grams

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The RECON-XT is the ultimate value, entry-level system for the DJI Matrice 300. A strong fit for smaller scan areas and teams on a budget. The RECON-XT is designed to grow and adapt with your business. Flexibility in mounting options is a key benefit of this Phoenix system. The RECON-XT is designed to fly on the DJI M300, and can also be adapted for vehicle and backpack configurations.

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The Ranger XL is a lightweight airborne laser scanner, specially designed for use on UAS and small manned airplanes or helicopters. With its wide field of view of 75 degrees and an extremely fast data acquisition rate of up to 1.8 MHz, the Ranger XL is perfectly suited for high point density corridor mapping applications such as power line, railway track and pipeline inspection.

Phoenix offers several Ranger XL camera accessories as well as UAV and manned aircraft attachment options. Please visit our booth or website to learn more about this amazing new addition to the Ranger series!

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