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Staaker Surveillance Drone


The Staaker® covers your drone service needs within logistics, search and rescue, emission monitoring and surveillance. It is a multipurpose drone capable of carrying a range of payloads and sensors for different operational scenarios. Trusted by the Norwegian Civil Aviation Authoritiy, we have the ability to self-approve operations with the Staaker drone up to 25 kg, through our Light UAS operator certificate.


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Ruggedized drone, designed for harsh environments

The Staaker® Drone is a multirotor drone with a maximum take-off mass of 25 or 32kg, capable of carrying payloads of 5 kg or 10 kg. It is a versatile, robust, and powerful platform designed for Nordic environments and advanced operations in the specific category. It is a multipurpose drone capable of carrying a range of payloads and sensors for different operational scenarios. There are four pre-configured variants, but it is also possible to organise for custom payload solutions.

Multipurpose drone

This drone can perform cargo deliveries in maritime environments with high winds. It is water resistant, making it a durable maritime drone. It has an autonomous landing feature, making it perfect for delivery of cargo over relatively long distances. It includes a fixed cargo box that can handle up to 7 kg of cargo including dangerous goods. It may also be fitted with two winches for cargo delivery without landing. Importantly, the drone handles operations from metallic structures such as oil platforms or helipads.

Foldable and accessible

Thanks to its foldable arms, the Staaker® fits snugly in a custom transport case with room for spare parts and potential payloads. We also offer an advanced case for streamlined charging of its powerful batteries.

For GCS (Ground Control Station), we have several options depending on use case. We offer larger control stations with advanced software for mission planning and post-operation processing, as well as small hand-held units.

Get in touch for detailed specs and to discuss how the Staaker fits your operations.

Staaker® Logistics

The Staaker® Logistics drone can be used for all cargo deliveries up to 10 kg. It is currently being used for urban cargo deliveries for Bærum Municipality and at offshore installations for in-field cargo deliveries for Equinor.

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Cargo drone delivers blood samples between hospitals in urban areas

Equinor and Nordic Unmanned start the world’s first offshore logistics operations using drones

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