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Nomination Committee

The Company’s Articles of Association provides for a nomination committee elected by the general meeting. The composition of the Company’s nomination committee is Per Herseth.

The nomination committee shall present proposals to the general meeting regarding election of the chair of the Board, board members and any deputy members of the Board and election of members of the nomination committee.

The nomination committee shall also present proposals to the general meeting for remuneration of the Board and the nomination committee.

Instructions for the Nomination Committee.

Per Herseth

Committee Chair

Per Herseth was elected to the nomination committee in 2023. He has broad experience, with a series of executive positions in large corporations as well as start-up ventures.

He has spent his career with companies like Nycomed ASA, AT Kearney, Innovation Norway, and most recently StrongPoint ASA. Herseth is also an affiliate to, a Lithuanian organization, working with companies, organisations and government bodies to innovative drone solutions, research and development, performance and political processes to advance a drone ecosystem.

Having extensive experience in international business, financing, M&A and negotiations, Per is an active investor in various businesses within life science, software technology, transport, and the energy sector, and holds a major position in Nordic Unmanned.

He holds an MBA from BI Norwegian Business School and Wisconsin School of Business, and a bachelor’s degree in Asian Studies from the University of Oslo and Fudan University in China.