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Why Invest in Nordic Unmanned

Perfectly positioned to capitalize on commercial drone megatrend

  • Nordic Unmanned delivers high-end drone services to European governments and solid industrial clients
  • Drones replaces legacy methods, substantially increasing quality and safety, while reducing costs and carbon footprint
  • Revenue from long-term frame agreements results in solid visibility and recurring revenues
  • One of few players operating as a system integrator in the value chain, with direct interaction with the end customer
  • Perfectly positioned to capitalize on rapidly growing commercial demand for drones (~14%)
  • Agreements with world-leading industry suppliers such as Lockheed Martin, Textron Systems, and Schiebel Aircraft

An innovative application that improves existing operations

  • Unmanned aviation represents an alternative to legacy solutions which reduces time, costs and CO2 emissions, while increasing safety of operations
  • Drones also enhances data analytics, which facilitates better decision making
  • Drones have been utilized by the military for several years, while commercial applications are relatively new. Therefore clients in the commercial sector are relatively uneducated, but the usage is expected to accelerate significantly over the coming years
  • Largest revenue segment in the drone industry is expected to be services, where Nordic Unmanned is operating

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