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How to improve the safety culture in the drone industry

Head of Quality & Safety at Nordic Unmanned, Ole Benjamin Wike explains why the drone industry should push towards a standardized reporting structure, and how we could improve the safety culture in the drone industry. When we talk about safety, we cover four pillars: safety promotion, safety assurance, safety policy & objectives, and risk management.…


Statement on patent suit in Ireland

There have recently been media reports about Nordic Unmanned’s legal action against Irish drone company Manna Drone Delivery for patent infringements. The following statement presents the background. The patent in question was awarded to Burkhard Wiggerich, the founder of AirRobot, a company which Nordic Unmanned acquired in the fall of 2021. The patent specifically covers…


Lockheed Martin Indago 3 supports EFCA with aerial footage

We are proud to continue our service to European Maritime Safety Agency to support European Fisheries Control Agency – EFCA with aerial footage from onboard the Aegis and Lundy Sentinel vessels thereby benefiting fisheries inspections and control. The drone used is the Lockheed Martin Indago 3, perfect for rapid deployment and immediate overview! Take a look at the video…


Chief People Officer at Nordic Unmanned eager to get more diversity in the company

I’ve only had about 5 months in the company, but it already feels like I have been part of the team for 12 months! Everything is fast paced here. That doesn’t mean that I work more than what I’ve done in my previous jobs, but in Nordic Unmanned you get things done quicker. In my past…


Nordic Unmanned Becomes an Official Member of the Drone and Robotics Cluster in Denmark, Odense Robotics!

As part of the establishment of Nordic Unmanned DK in Odense, our membership in the cluster will give Nordic Unmanned the opportunity to work with other innovative small and medium-sized companies that develop new technologies to support the expected high growth in the unmanned aviation sector.  The cluster’s vision is to make Denmark an even bigger,…


The Textron Systems AerosondeTM UAS Approved to Fly in Civilian Airspace in Europe under Nordic Unmanned Operator Certificate

What is the LUC? Earlier this year Nordic Unmanned was granted the Light Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Operator Certificate (LUC) by the Norwegian CAA (Luftfartstilsynet). The certificate makes Nordic Unmanned able to self-approve operations according to the company’s operation manual, safety management systems and covers the entire fleet of drones in all EASA countries, an…


The Importance of a Certificate – The Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC)

Earlier this year Nordic Unmanned was granted the Light UAS Operator Certificate (LUC) by the Norwegian CAA (Luftfartstilsynet). The certificate covers our entire fleet of drones, which makes us able to self-approve our operations according to our own operation manual. We asked our Senior Vice President of Airworthiness & Certifications, Bruno Boucher some questions about…


Meet our employees: Laurent Rouchon – Senior Vice President of Security

What are your main responsibilities? There are two aspects to the role of Senior Vice President of Defense & Security: Developing and winning new business and developing the D&S business unit of Nordic Unmanned AS. What was your background before joining Nordic Unmanned? Before joining Nordic Unmanned, I was the Vice President of Defense &…


Rogaland Investor Forum

Nordic Unmanned have the pleasure of inviting to Rogaland Investor Forum, a new physical and virtual meeting point between innovative companies, investors, analysts, media, and other stakeholders in the Rogaland region. Other companies participating are Zaptec, Sandnes Sparebank, Kraft Bank and Norsk Solar. Where and when? Time: Thursday 19 August, 09:30 – 17:00Venue: Nordic Unmanned…

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