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Prestigious innovation award for NUAer

The Sandnes-based start-up NUAer, part of the Nordic Unmanned Group, won “Gründerprisen 2022”. The NOK 250,000 award will be used to further develop the company.

GründerAcademy is one of SpareBank1 SR-Bank’s efforts to create jobs for the future. The prize is provided by the foundation GründerAcademy with support from Sparebankstiftelsen SR-Bank and SpareBank 1 SR-Bank.

NUAer is a company that uses advanced measurement equipment connected to drones to detect and quantify air emissions so that customers in the maritime industry can make better environmental decisions. NUAer collaborates with maritime authorities, port authorities, and shipowners in Europe and the US to ensure that vessels do not release unnecessary amounts of harmful gases into the air. The company has also demonstrated the technology for port authorities in Norway.

The jury’s reasoning is that NUAer is a highly innovative company seeking to further develop possibilities from an already existing technology.

The jury believes that the winner has great opportunities to scale both nationally and internationally and further says that NUAer has the knowledge and expertise to solve a huge problem on a global basis. It is particularly exciting that the company continues to build on a competence hub where strength and power already exist. Finally, the jury states that NUAer is an example of cluster theory in practice.

“This is fantastic! We experienced strong competition throughout the program, and are very grateful that the jury chose to give us Gründerprisen 2022. We already have plans for the prize pot of NOK 250,000”

Kristin Alne, CEO, NUAer

She will use the grant to further develop the company, by designing new digital products on top of existing services. NUAer is a start-up company that is created by the drone company Nordic Unmanned and Finnish Aeromon.

“We are clearly a result of the competence hub within drones here in the Stavanger region. It is rewarding to start up a brand new company located in a very competent cluster. The people in NUAer have a strong background from the oil and gas industry and it is fun that we can use our experience and expertise to contribute to accelerating the green transition.”

Kristin Alne, CEO, NUAer

GründerAcademy is an accelerator program that assists start-up companies with expertise and advice in an early phase.

Visit NUAer’s homepage for more information about the company.