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Local Students Contribute to Innovation

Nordic Unmanned has for the past couple of years challenged and supported students at the University of Stavanger with exciting and innovative projects regarding research on unmanned technology.

At the 19th of June it was time to present this year’s results

Since 2018 Nordic Unmanned has supported seven BSc and MSc projects at the University of Stavanger, and currently an ongoing industrial Ph.D. project

Three groups presented their projects concerning optimizing the power consumption of the Staaker BG-20 with the scope of improving flight endurance. By focusing on each specific topic and working as a research group, there were synergies between the projects, and they resulted in very interesting findings.

Jørgen Apeland, R&D engineer at Nordic Unmanned and Ph.D candidate, has been in close contact with the students during the semester and was leading the seminar.

Left to right: Stian Runestad Hidle, Adrian Günther, Jørgen Grønsrud, Vetle Ingebretsen, Sølve Sem, Jørgen Apeland and Knut Erik Giljarhus

Knowledge creates more questions!

Knut Roar Wiig (CEO), Thomas André Olsen (product line manager of the Staaker drones), and other Nordic Unmanned representatives were present, and some followed the presentations through a live stream.

The seminar facilitated thorough discussions of the results, and after the presentations, Knut Roar Wiig made it clear that: “Knowledge creates more questions!”, implying that the results presented led him wanting to know more.

Wiig and Olsen were impressed by the work done by the students, and were keen to keep the cooperation between Nordic Unmanned and UiS. “We have the opportunity to give students specific research assignments; giving us valuable information, and the students valuable experience.”

Product line manager Thomas Andre Olsen discussing the results with the students

Creating synergies between academia and local businesses

Unmanned aviation is a rapidly growing industry, and Nordic Unmanned, as a provider of systems and services, has a strong position in the European market space. Being located in the Stavanger region, we are proud to have a role in the technology and business transition the region is currently going through. Unmanned systems and autonomy will be important technology fields for the future of this region, especially considering the strong aviation and helicopter history it possesses.

The University of Stavanger and academia also have an essential role in that transition, which is why we are especially excited to engage students and the research community to build relevant knowledge for the future.

Nordic Unmanned has assisted the establishment of a drone lab at UiS, where some of the work for this year’s projects has been carried out – and many future projects to come.

R&D engineer and Ph.D candidate Jørgen Apeland at the drone lab at UiS