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Meet our employees: Mads Gottschalksen – Drone Technician

What is your main area of responsibility?

It’s my job to keep the CAMCOPTER S-100 serviceable and to perform maintenance and troubleshooting. The CAMCOPTER S-100 runs on short maintenance intervals which keeps it as safe as possible. Therefore, parts are replaced or inspected often. I’m also available to our pilots during flights if they should have any issues. I can assess the issue with the pilots and figure out a way to move forward. Working on the CAMCOPTER makes all my previous experiences come in handy. My background is from the aircraft industry with my first years as a helicopter mechanic apprentice working on the Super Puma L1/L2/225 before I became an inspector on aircraft engines working on CFM56-3/5/7.

How do you find traveling and working outside of Norway during Covid-19 times?

Working outside of Norway is very rewarding. Meeting and working with new people from different cultures is both challenging and rewarding at the same time. Traveling from Norway does have its perks right now, with the low infection rates we currently have. You can avoid quarantine upon arrival, if all the covid tests are negative. There are of course some restrictions when we are traveling, like closed restaurants and few activities to do outside of work, but we try our best to find activities to do together. We are all looking forward to the days when the covid restrictions are over.

When I get back to Norway there is a lot of housework to be done during the quarantine period!

Working outside of Norway is very rewarding. Meeting/working with new people from different cultures is both challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Mads Gottschalksen

What did you learn in your first months at Nordic Unmanned?

In my second week, I travelled to Austria with 2 pilots to do training at Schiebel for 7 weeks. I learned a lot, including how to perform maintenance on the CAMCOPTER and how the different systems work , which makes troubleshooting easier. The training was set up with about 30% theoretical work and 70% practical. That helped me to get ready for the first deployment. During the deployment we have good communication between us, and I have learned a lot from the other technicians, pilots, and payload operators.

How do you find working at Nordic Unmanned?

I find it very exciting to work in a new and growing business. With regards to both Nordic Unmanned and the drone industry itself. As a person, I love to help out, and in this company, there is always someone that needs help with something. Being able to help other people is amazing for me. Being young and full of energy makes Nordic Unmanned a perfect fit. There is never a slow and boring day. Working with such a great and connected team is a new and good experience.

What are you looking forward to in the future?

I hope to stay in Nordic Unmanned for a long time, and I really look forward to being able to contribute to building the leading drone operator company in Europe (maybe even the world). Working around Europe covid free will be great. As for myself, I hope to continue learning and being able to help wherever and whenever I can.

We look forward to 2021 with Mads on our team!