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New Fjerdingby School- HENT

Håkon Berger, a BIM-technician from HENT, has given us an insight from a client point of view as to how and why they used drones in the planning for “Nye Fjerdingby skole”

Why did you choose to scan this area, and why did you go for a drone solution?

The surface we used first was map data in DWG format from the municipality, and since this is a mountain top with a lot of vegetation, we wanted as accurate a surface as possible to be more sure that the surface we project on corresponds to the current situation, and to be more certain that the basic quantities to be removed, are as accurate as possible.

We have good experience from previous projects with scanning the plot before start-up and along the way to keep up to date with basic quantities on the plot, and that a scan addresses more irregularities on the plot which you may not get with traditional stitching. Then you are more dependent on the person sticking out the plot, and that he/she is good at putting many points and in the right places. Here, where there are a lot of irregularities, we felt that the result would be more correct with a drone scan.

Results of scanning

We were left with a base that we felt corresponded with the current situation. So that the basic quantities we took out to present to the client matched quite well, and that the designers had the right base for what they needed.

Personally, I was very happy with the surface. It was classified. which meant that you could quickly and easily separate the terrain surface and vegetation so you did not have to do the job yourself. You were also very cooperative and quickly came up with lines for roads, curbs, ditches, etc. when one of our advisers requested it. It made the job easier and effective for them, which was necessary because we did not have very much time in the preliminary project.

How did you find cooperating with the Nordic Unmanned team?

We are left with the experience that you deliver a good product, are very cooperative and that you quickly resolve situations when requested.

The team at Nordic Unmanned want to thank HENT and Håkon Berger for their cooperation and nice comments.

Learn more about HENT on their  website