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Nordic Unmanned Awarded Tekna’s Education Award for 2020

The award is described as followed: “The Tekna Stavanger department has established an award that is awarded to a company that has contributed to strengthening technical and science education at the University of Stavanger. It is emphasized that the company has contributed with high quality tasks and good guidance, often over a longer time perspective.”

Furthermore, the jury’s decision reads as follows: “The price this year is awarded a company, that has impressed the jury. The company has played an important role in strengthening the education within the field of technical and science at the University of Stavanger. The company has provided high quality assignments and supportive supervisors for both master and bachelor students. The company has also contributed to the drone lab at UiS, both through their knowledge and by donating equipment. The company has thereby contributed with experience and availability by the supervisors as well as building competence amongst the students and university within an important technology for the future. We’re happy to announce that this years winner is Nordic Unmanned”.

Jørgen Apeland, R&D engineer and Ph.D. candidate at Nordic Unmanned had the following to say about the announcement: “We are excited to be working with local students and the research community at UiS to generate relevant knowledge for the future. As a fast moving company in a new and rapidly growing industry, we believe that by collaborating with academia, we can accelerate a business and technology transition in the region”.

Since 2018 Nordic Unmanned has supported seven BSc and MSc projects at the University of Stavanger, and currently an ongoing industrial Ph.D. project. In June, this years’ students presented their results, with the presence of several Nordic Unmanned representatives. CEO, Knut Roar Wiig, highlighted the mutual benefits that exists in such a relationship; “We have the opportunity to give students specific research assignments; giving us valuable information, and the students valuable experience.”

Finally Wiig, expressed his gratitude for the award.  “Congratulations on completing your master’s degree. Have a great summer and help us prepare the region for the future. Thank you!”

The official news article and announcement is found at UiS’  webpage.

Jørgen Apeland and Knut Roar Wiig also had the chance to say a few words at the official handover which you can view  here.

JUNE 26, 2020

Stavanger, Rogaland – Nordic Unmanned has been awarded Tekna’s educational award of 2020.

Read about this year’s student presentations  here.

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