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Nordic Unmanned Becomes European Reseller of Lockheed Martin’s Fixed-Wing UAS, Condor™

18th of December 2020 – Sandnes, Norway – The fixed-wing unmanned aerial system (UAS), Condor™ will become an additional product to Nordic Unmanned’s already existing reseller agreement with Lockheed Martin.

Information about the Condor™:

Developed in conjunction with the Air Force Research Lab (AFRL), Condor™ is a long endurance, Group 1 UAS designed for small tactical unit operations.

Operators can easily carry and hand-launch Condor™ and fly it for 3+ hours on a single battery. Its fuselage accommodates up to two, 6-inch payloads, uncommon for the average Group 1 UAS. It also features built-in power and communications, so users can add custom or other non-traditional payloads such as triage supplies or droppable ground sensors.

Lockheed Martin designed Condor™ to be rugged and reliable. Operators can fly Condor™ in all-weather environments, in winds up to 25 knots, and in rain up to 4” per hour (tested and validated). The air vehicle is waterproof, 100% buoyant, corrosion resistant to operate in saltwater environments, and safe to land in up to sea state 3. Upon recovery from water landing, the air vehicle is immediately ready to fly again.

Knut Roar Wiig was pleased to add the UAS Condor™ to the portfolio and highlighted the relationship between Nordic Unmanned and Lockheed Martin: “Through the strategic expansion of our already existing reseller agreement with Lockheed Martin, we look forward to supporting our customers through the world class fixed wing Condor™. With its long endurance and ability to land on water, the Condor™ is a suitable addition to our already existing maritime solutions. The cooperation with Lockheed Martin has for many years been a stamp of quality for Nordic Unmanned, and we hope to continue the good cooperation with this expansion.”

Nor dic Unmanned Press Statement