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UGV and Drone Inspects Fire Damaged Garage at Sola Airport

When a fire outbreak in a garage next to Sola Airport was deemed under control, Nordic Unmanned provided investigational support in addition to an UGV (Unmanned Ground Vehicle) and drone to assist in getting an overview over the situation in a safely manner.

Fire in the parking garage at Sola Airport 

Arund mid-day of the 7th of January 2020, emergency services got information that a vehicle parked in the garage next to the airport had caught fire. The situation quickly escalated, and only minutes after, more vehicles had caught fire. Emergency services quickly arrived at the parking garage.

At the time, there was a lot of uncertainty surrounding the condition of the building after the fire was deemed under control. Since certain parts of the building had collapsed, it was not deemed safe to enter for emergency services by foot.

Link to the original article made by NRK (Norwegian)

Picture from NRK

How Unmanned Technology Assisted the Local Police Departement

Nordic Unmanned provided investigational support by sending in an UGV that provided live feedback to the pilot, which made it possible to gather information without risking the health and safety of the people involved. Furthermore, Nordic Unmanned processed and analyzed this data.

“The Owl” which the UGV is called, has a floodlight which lights up the area one wishes to inspect. This allowed the drone to enter the building. Both the UGV and drone could provide photos and video to the operator through FPV (First Person View) – glasses.

Link to the original article from Dagsavisen about Nordic Unmanned`s involvement in this operation (Norwegian)

Immediate assistance in crisis situations

Although Nordic Unmanned have not done this exact operation before, the team is experienced in emergency preparedness. Primarily, Nordic Unmanned has a major contract with EMSA (European Maritime Safety Agency), where Nordic Unmanned has placed out drones onto vessels, which provides emergency preparedness in case of oil spills.

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