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Insurance inspections

Commercial UAVs are estimated to help save the insurance industry nearly $7 billion per year.

Helping you face new challenges in new ways

Insurance is among the industries already deploying and expanding the potential of commercial UAVs. The insurance industry can harvest the benefits from aerial data with better risk management through improved data collection, analysis, and actionable insights; and reduced operational costs through improved efficiency and effectiveness in claims adjudication, claims processing, and customer experience.

Deep and varied experience

Insurance companies requires information both before issuing a new insurance policy and after an insurance claim has been received. Before issuing the policy, UAV mapping and inspections can be used in order to verify the risks to be covered by the policy. After any kind of disaster, the clean and build up must start as soon as possible in order to keep consequential damages to a minimum, but it’s also critical to capture the site as it is so that the damage can be assessed. Mapping disaster areas with an UAV gives insurance companies a fast, easy way of accurately documenting the scene, preserving key details while letting the process of clean-up and reconstruction begin as soon as possible.