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Smart ports

Smart Ports will follow smart cities, but as ports are fenced, critical, and commercially controlled, the adaption of new tech is faster.

Critical overview in ports

Port control is comprehensive. The tasks are plenty. We provide drone solutions that will increase overview and efficiency at the port. Amongst others, we can monitor the port environment, do emission monitoring and provide time/cost critical deliveries. In parrticular, we have identified seven areas where drones can make a difference.

Opportunities in ports

Within SECA / Port limits, we can deliver:

-Emissions monitoring (SOx, NOx)
-SAR (search and rescue)
-Monitoring of vessel work activities
-Spotting and localization of foreign objects
-Long range logistics

Within the breakwater, we deliver

-Traffic management
-Oil spill detection
-Medium range logistics

When it comes to the quayside, we can offer

-Mooring / unmooring services
-Loading / offloading services
-Maintenance support
-Use of ROV / USV for seabed mapping
-Radioactive monitoring

Drones for terminal use, consists of

-Dangerous goods inspections
-Internal port logistics
-Goods inspection
-Construction monitoring

Whilst securing the perimeter, drones can be used for

-Access control
-Perimeter security

Hinterland acitivies:

- Warehousing and inventory

For lastmile logistics we offe:

- Short range logistics

Nordic Unmanned and European Maritime Safety Agency (EMSA) Start Operations in Antwerp, Belgium

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