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Nordic Unmanned Cargo

Cut costs and environmental footprint by introducing drone delivery.

Simplified drone cargo services

Our mission is to simplify drone cargo services for our customers by utilizing the unique expertise and knowledge Nordic Unmanned has gained as a leading drone operator and manufacturer. We conduct deliveries in niche sectors driven by urgency, convenience and shopping experience. We have the necessary certifications to deliver this type of service quickly, or as a part of long-term strategy.

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Both short-range and long-range deliveries

We offer the following solutions:


  • Short-range deliveries
  • Long-range deliveries
  • Onshore to offshore
  • Vessel to offshore

Easy and effective delivery

Our service delivery is based on QR delivery, resulting in quick and effective delivery. The two packages can carry 2.5kg and are winched down in a quick and effective manner.

Our service can be delivered in both urban and offshore environments.

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