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Long-range cargo delivery

Cargo delivery with 200 km range and up to 50 kg cargo.

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World’s first offshore logistics operations using drones

The project consisted of an intense three-week onshore test phase, where the Nordic Unmanned team successfully verified the readiness for offshore logistics services. The team worked closely with Equinor in conducting multiple ground-breaking trials and demonstrations of drone logistics services. Nordic Unmanned received a call-off for the next phase of the Drone Offshore Logistics Contract with Equinor. The offshore operations took place from the Gullfaks C offshore installation in the North Sea. The operation marks a new milestone for the drone industry and for Equinor, as the first operator to utilise drones for its offshore logistics services.

Long-range cargo delivery as a service

Cargo delivery with 200 km range and up to 50 kg cargo.

Available with multiple cargo configurations:

  • Side-mounted cargo box with drop function
  • Belly-mounted cargo box
  • Sling load

Nordic Unmanned owns and operates 5 Camcopters and has world-leading experience in Cargo deliveries, emissions monitoring, oil spill detection and SAR operations.

Nordic Unmanned has conducted close to 2000 day and night flight hours in demanding maritime environments.

Safety and reliability – serving your long-range logistical needs.

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World’s First Drone Cargo Delivery to an Offshore Installation

Equinor and Nordic Unmanned start the world’s first offshore logistics operations using drones