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Rail maintenance and inspection

Maintenance in the railway industry is usually conducted by night, or when there is no planned traffic, meaning there is a lack of consistent data that maps out the current state of the railway. More modern solutions for maintaining the rail are needed in order to fit more goods and trains into the rail system.

The railway drone

This unique robot can inspect critical parts of the railway infrastructure whilst driving on the track. Should the Railway Drone encounter oncoming traffic, it can avoid dangerous situation by flying to the side of the track and let traffic pass. The sensors onboard the robot automatically detects changes on the railway, whilst providing a live data feed to decision makers.

Up to 200km range

The drone can operate on the railway for around 7 hours with an average speed of 20 km/h. The robot can cover up to 200 km, which is a distance equivalent from Amsterdam – Brussel. Furthermore, it can switch from one railway track to another, give way to oncoming traffic, and switch to alternative tracks. With the ability to not disturb regular traffic, the Railway Robot will significantly streamline and improve the maintenance work at railways.

The Drone that Can Drive – The Staaker Railway Drone

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