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LiDARMiLL, the first cloud-based LiDAR post-processing platform, automates your post-processing workflow so you can spend more time meeting your clients’ needs and achieving your business goals.

Helping you face new challenges in new ways

LiDARMill decreases the time and cost for users to process on their own their raw data into a calibrated point cloud with basic ground/non-ground classification. You can visualize your data, track your project status, and share with your clients your point clouds – all from your LiDARMill dashboard with faster turnaround times and lower overhead costs.

LiDARMill key features:

NavLab: Trajectory – combined processing of GNSS and IMU data to generate a smoothed and accurate trajectory.
Auto Flight Line Detection – automatic detection of turns and calibration patterns, focusing only on data-collecting flight lines and reducing processing time.
LiDARSnap Adjustment – a powerful feature that minimizes offsets from multiple flight lines, exporting aligned data in the industry-standard LAS format.
Classification & DTM – automatic point cloud classification of ground/non-ground, exported in standard LAS format and gridded into a DTM.

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