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Trajectory processing

Inertial Explorer® (IE) maximizes the performance of your GNSS/INS hardware by ensuring you get the position, velocity and attitude accuracy your application requires. The tightly coupled integration of GNSS and IMU data delivers precise results, even when lower grade inertial sensors are used. IE can produce results suitable for demanding applications such as mobile mapping, aerial and hydrographic surveying. IMU data from high end Fibre Optic Gyro (FOG) or Ring Laser Gyro (RLG) IMUs, and from lower grade sensor technology such as Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems (MEMS) can be processed.

Available as Perpetual or Term licenses.

Flexible workflow capabilities

IE has workflows to match your business and your expertise. A project wizard is available to allow new GNSS/INS users to become productive quickly. For more experienced users, a wealth of processing configuration options are available. Automated processing environment detection (aerial, ground vehicle, pedestrian and marine) allows appropriate GNSS + INS processing settings to be used automatically to simplify workflow and reduce the learning curve needed to start producing quality results.

Inertial Explorer® Xpress

Inertial Explorer Xpress provides the same core processing and utilities as Inertial Explorer along with simplified functions and workflows that have been tailored for UAV markets and small project areas. Data can be post-processed efficiently without compromising position, velocity or attitude accuracy. Inertial Explorer Xpress produces centimeter-level position and attitude solutions compatible with LiDAR, camera and other sensor data.

Differential, Precise Point Positioning (PPP) and Tightly Coupled (TC) processing for GNSS+INS datasets are supported in Inertial Explorer Xpress. This software provides reduced complexity and faster processing time for single base station projects. Inertial Explorer Xpress also verifies and performs quality analysis on your solution with plots that are relevant to your project.

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