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UgCS is one of the best options for ground station software on the market. With it, you can plan and fly missions with almost any UAV platform in an and easy-to-use interface. While it is intuitive, the software’s convenience does not limit its versatility. Its varied tools extend from automated missions to direct control of your drone.

Customize for any application

The UgCS toolset allows you to customize your flight plan for any application. For instance, the software sees use in land surveying and industrial inspections such as photogrammetry, façade scans, LiDAR surveys and power line inspections.

To suit your needs, UgCS has two license types: UgCS Pro and UgCS Enterprise. Whether you need a perpetual license or fly occasional missions every few months, we have options. Whether you have a fleet of drones and want to control them all from a single software, or just want the perfect flight plans for your single-drone operation, UgCS has you covered.

Visit the official UgCS wepbage for more information on features and licenses.

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