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UAS system for civil & military use with the highest quality standards. Our AR100-H is custom-made for the German Armed Forces.

About AirRobot

AirRobot has been producing drones longer than most in the industry. The first AirRobot UAVs were successfully brought into service with the German Armed Forces in 2005, we are proud that the same UAS are still in use today. ​AirRobot develops, produces and sells some of the world's most advanced Unmanned Aerial Systems and accessories.

Our headquarter is located in Arnsberg/NRW, we are placed strategically in central Europe within easy reach for more of our clients and ideally situated to provide continuous support through upgrades, maintenance and repairs.​ Our products are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. AirRobot is certified according to the aerospace and defence standard EN 9100. The AirRobot drones currently in service have over 24,000 flights at home and abroad. ​

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The AR100-H results from more than ten years of experience supplying drone systems to the German Army. The AR100-H is entirely modular, infield maintainable, easy to carry and quick to deploy.

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Heimdal EO/IR Payload

Heidrun RGCS

OdinOS Infield​

AR100-H Rucksack

Central Command Relay​