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AR100-H Battery System

The AR100-H smart flight battery is based on the latest lithium-ion battery technology from the automotive industry, which can be used from -20°C to  65°C.

The battery management system was specially developed for the AR100-H smart flight battery and tailored to the needs of the user group.

The smart flight battery has an easy-to-read, illuminated display and is controlled using the intuitive one-button operating principle. The button on the smart battery is the only button on the entire drone and is therefore also used to turn the flight platform on and off after the flight battery is inserted in the aircraft.

Changing the battery only takes a few seconds. The smart flight battery monitors its own condition (state of health) and informs the user when the useful life of the cells has been reached or when they are defective. The display can further show the state of charge, date of manufacture, last cell change, number of charging cycles to date.

The AR100-H Smart Flight Battery Charger Duo is controlled via an intuitive one-button operation. The large, illuminated display is easy to read in all outside conditions.

The charger can be operated both mobile in a car with 12-36 VDC and stationary with 110/230VAC mains. Both the charging power (25W, 50W or 100W) and the desired charge/discharge target (30%, 70% or 100%) can be set independently for both charging units.

Reducing the charging power allows charging with energy sources such as fuel cells, solar panels or a car battery with limited power.


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