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AR100-H Rucksack

The lightweight transport system of the AR100-H is optimised for quick and easy handling, stability, and low weight. The transport system can be easily accommodated in vehicles and is modularly expandable thanks to the MOLLE attachment system. The transport system also has additional storage space and an integrated rain hood.

Designed for the special forces

The backpack is designed for a typical AR100-H system configuration consisting of the following:

  • AR100-H system
  • 4x smart flight battery
  • GCS HD with carrying strap and antennas
  • GCS rain cover with light protection hood
  • 2x motor rotor arm and landing gear spares
  • Heavy rain cover for the transport system

The rucksack comes in green camouflage or black, adapted to the use case. The carry case has been designed with lightweight and quick deplorability as a priority. In addition, a clip-on ergonomic harness is available for more extended missions to increase further carry performance.


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