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The AR100-H is the latest development of the AR100 quadcopter series, which the German army has been successfully deploying worldwide in all climatic zones since 2005.

Designed for the special forces

The AR100-H is foldable and therefore easy to transport in a lightweight backpack system with the control unit and six additional flight batteries. The system is designed to reliably accompany special forces, army units or other authorities with security tasks even in life threatening mission situations to support them with multi-mission payloads. The UAV is equipped with 4 option bays in addition to the main payload bay in order to be able to react flexibly to the needs of the users in a modular way also in the future.

Deployed in 2 minutes

The UAV AR100-H does not require scheduled maintenance. The UAV can be used over years and due to the extremely modular concept it can be expanded in simple ways. The UAV is connected to the GCS HD and ready-to-use within 2 minutes.

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Physical Dimensions -
1135 x 1135 x 383 mm
Dimensions Folded for Transportation
170 x 180 x 470mm
From Folded to Deployment
< 2 minutes
IP Rating
Flight Duration
> 30 min
Aircraft Weight
1.9 kg
Max Takeoff Weight
2.9 kg
Max Wind Speed
9 m/s