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The AR100-H is the latest development of the AR100 quadcopter series, which the German army has been successfully deploying worldwide in all climatic zones since 2005.

The AR100-H is an entirely modular high-performance UAV. The modularity allows for instant repair in the field and superior adaptability with payloads ranging from radios, cameras, GPS, speakers etc. 

The primary payload is unique since it comes with a thermal overlay on the image. A feature that makes it much easier for a person to distinguish features on an IR image but also allows the user to pre-set a temperature range of interest. All pixels within the defined temperature range will be highlighted and amplified on the screen, making it more efficient to find people, animals, cars or other objects with a specific temperature.

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Designed for the special forces

The UAV has multiple selectable payload options and comes in various custom kits built specifically for a range of users.

The UAV is supplied with custom control software that allows the user to set up missions and fly and return the UAV in complete control at all times. The UAS has preset options for turn-to-home, either in a straight line or following its outbound path, but cutting any loops out of the return journey.

As a unique safety feature, this UAS enables the operator to fly the drone home using the Ground Control Station, even in the unlikely event that the monitor and/or onboard tablet computer fails. This dual redundancy aspect of the drone has been a critical value feature for the armed forces.

The entire UAS is designed to be operated in extreme hot and extreme cold temperatures. All functions, both mechanical and control, can be handled with gloves.

Deployed in 2 minutes

The UAV AR100-H does not require scheduled maintenance. The UAV can be used over years and due to the extremely modular concept it can be expanded in simple ways. The UAV is connected to the GCS HD and ready-to-use within 2 minutes.


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