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Heimdal – Optical and IR Sensor Payload​

The Heimdal sensor is a combined EO/IR sensor with 10x optical zoom and up to 80x digital zoom. What makes this sensor so unique is its low weight combined with the ability to overlay infrared over optical. This gives the user a unique perspective for search&rescue or surveillance missions.

The heart of the gimbal, stabilized on three axes, is the innovative and highly accurate fusion of full HD daylight and thermal imaging video in real-time. The thermal overlay can be set to different levels of transparency and turned on and off during flight.

The merged EO/IR real-time video enables the user to easily spot people in the shade under trees, even in camouflage clothing. In addition, the system offers a temperature-precise, innovative search mode that only clearly displays targets in the defined temperature range as an overlay in the daytime image.

The payload also comes with an optional laser pointer inbuilt into the same housing. 

In the Heimdal configuration, the sensor is customized for the Lockheed Martin Indago 3 and 4 platforms. This provides the Indago users with an option for a superior payload fully integrated into the Indago platform.


In Norse mythology, Heimdal is a god who keeps watch over Ragnarök. 

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