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OdinOS Infield​

The OdinOS Infield UAV Control software is a custom software specifically made for UAV control for Government and Defence applications. Odin Infield enables intuitive Search & Rescue functionality and the ability to locate a UAS strategically and reliably, even in high stress situations. The software has a vast array of customizable features for the advances user and also offers a “glove” setting, where the most frequently used and critical functions are readily available with large buttons for clove compatibility.

Designed for the special forces

The AirRobot OdinOS is a central part of the UAS. On the one hand, it shows the live video and, on the other hand, offers the map-based navigation basis for planning and real-time monitoring of the mission.The OdinOS has been continuously advanced in cooperation with the user base The software automatically adapts the payload operability buttons to the currently connected payload.

The man-machine interface is clearly and intuitively designed so that the entire AR100-H system can be safely used under an increased stress level due to the mission environment.In combination with the Heimdal gimbal, the user can choose whether the live video is recorded on the RGCS, the gimbal itself or not at all. In any case, the video data is protected by encryption.


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