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Infrastructure inspection

A drone makes it easier to identify problems quicker than having to perform visual checks; this can be key to reduce downtime and conduct quicker maintenance

Benefits of drone inspections

Drones make it possible to easily take imagery of any damage or potential issues. This means that workers can stay safely on the ground while the drone operator evaluates the infrastructure at hand. Once a problem is identified, the worker is able to make safe and efficient decision based on existing data. Hotspots and other issues can be identified when a thermal camera is used. The thermal camera features will allow these areas to shine brighter than the surrounding area where heat is being lost or overly concentrated. Addressing these issues now rather than later can help protect the health of the system or infrastructure. Allowing them to continue unchecked can end up making the final cost of repair more expensive than it would’ve been if addressed early on.

Successful bridge inspection with Bane NOR

Together with our partners in Bane NOR, we have carried out tests to see if bridge inspections can be carried out more efficiently, and reduce costs by utilizing drones!

The software combines photogrammetry procedures to generate a 3D model and provides geolocation/positioning context to the data that will be inspected. Once the 3D model is generated, it is texturized with high detailed images of the bridge/structure.

At the same time, these images are processed using an AI algorithm to automatically detect any fault on the bridge structure and surface. Faults are automatically classified in cracks, rust, corrosion, exposed reinforcement, etc.

Users can easily review the faults detected and take actions if required, and automatically report faults according to inspection standards.

Have a look at the demonstration of the software!

Livestreamed Bridge Inspection

Inspecting World’s Largest Crane Vessel

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